Applications of textile materials in this markets are diverse, covering the equipment and facilities for sports practice and the enjoyment of leisure time. Textiles are used in every sport from exercising to camping to football. Products cover sportswear, sports materials (i.e. rackets), watersports (i.e. sails, airbeds), air sports (i.e. balloons), mountain sports (i.e. tents, sleeping bags, skiwear) or sports facilities (i.e. artificial turf), amongst others. Wearable textiles can be defined as textile materials able to perform electronic functions and are perceived as a way to add features into common textiles, building competitive market advantages.


The challenges of textile materials in the sports and wearables sectors

The main driver for sports textile market is the relation between several variables: cost of the product, added functionality (with the integration of sensing and always connected embedded and wearable systems), performance and comfort (thermal and mechanical performance for high- performance garments is particularly relevant) and design concepts.


Leader: Dr. Vincent Nierstrasz 

Coleader: Ms. Lúcia Rodrigues

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