We are pleased to announce the opening of the 2nd Call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) of the COST Action CONTEXT (CA17107).


STSMs are institutional visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, fostering collaboration between individuals and are primarily addressed to PhD students or postdoctoral fellows.
A STSM grant is a fixed contribution based on the requested budget which is evaluated by the STSM Coordinator. The grant is for travel and subsistence costs only. It does not necessarily cover all such expenses.
STSMs must have a minimum duration of 5 calendar days and a maximum duration of 90 calendar days.
The financial contribution for each STSM is up to a maximum of EUR 2 500 in total and up to a maximum of EUR 160 per day for accommodation and meal expenses.
After the STSM, the STSM participant must submit a scientific report to the Host and to the STSM Coordinator within 30 days after the end of his/her stay.

The STSM has to take place abroad (in other COST country) and the candidate should get in touch with the proposed hosting institution individually.
To learn more about COST rules and about Short-Term Scientific Missions please check the COST Vademecum that can be downloaded from: www.cost.eu/Vademecum



The regular call application is open from March 1st 2019 to March 8nd 2019. The evaluation results will be communicated shortly after the submission.
If the STMS grant is not taken or the total budget is not spent after this regular call, we will accept applications on a rolling basis until March, 15th, 2019 (until the place is taken or the total budget is spent).
Please remember that the STSM must be completed by April, 20, 2019!


See the full details of this second call here.