On 24th and 25th April the annual conference of the European Textile Technology Platform took place in Brussels.

The event was attended by more than 180 professionals in the sector and its focus was “circular, bio-based, digital: The Keys to Europe Textile future”.

The conference was structured in an opening plenary session, a closing plenary session and several parallel sessions with the following themes: RESYNTEX– A new Circular Economy Concept of Textiles and Chemicals; ART-Cherie– Digital pathways to raise creative inspiration of EU Fashion Designers of tomorrow; How to move forward from the RESYNTEX; New digital solutions for collaborative business models and supply chains in the textile and fashion; Bio4Self– Technical application cases for fully bio-based man-made textiles fibres and Smart Textiles 2.0- Will the next generation of smart fibres and flexible materials realise the industrial break-through of Smart Textiles?

On 25th April, in the Smart Textiles 2.0 session, Dr. Ariadna Detrell, CONTEX Chair, together with Bruno Mougin, CONTEXT Vice-Chair, presented the Action.

The session was chaired by Mr. Michael Kamm, CEO of the German company Antevorte. Mr. Kamm was elected new president of the Textile ETP at the General Assembly held on the 24th in Brussels, coinciding with the conference.