On October 15th and 16th 2019, CONTEXT organised together with the Textile ETP (European Textile Technology platform), IVGT (German Technical Textile Association) and FKT (German Textile Research Council) an International Seminar on Advanced and Smart Textiles in Architecture, Building & Living Environments.

The 2-day event took place in Frankfurt, Germany. It brought together researchers, designers and architects as well as companies from the technical textiles and construction sectors to exchange experiences on new textile-based solutions for architecture, construction, infrastructures, indoor and outdoor living spaces and the evolving end market needs in these sectors.

On the 15th, a conference on textile innovation in construction and architecture was held where thirteen experts from different European countries presented their innovative projects and products to the sector: products in purpose of thermic isolation, smarts textiles to be applied in architecture and indoor, ecological solutions or warming systems among others.

On the 16th, CONTEXT organised a working session that gathered researchers, companies and users from the building, architecture and interior design sectors to discuss on the possibilities to overcome the different challenges faced by textile materials in these sectors, at technological, industrial and/or market acceptance levels.

In the framework of the conference, Ariadna Detrell from AEI Tèxtils, as its coordinator, presented the CONTEXT network.

After, the leader of the CONTEXT Working Group 4: Textiles in building&living, Enrico Venturini, presented the main innovations in materials and trend for the textile sector. Then, three more architects presented innovative solutions from textile base.

Finally, the working session was held, in which the participants were divided in three groups to go into detail about the challenges and suggest solutions to work within CONTEXT network.