Techtera, thanks to a Virtual Mobility Grants awarded by CONTEXT, organized a webinar on 22nd October 2021 on the topic « Textile / Soft Material and Energy » with the objective to present the last innovations, to give an overview of the issues and to reinforce the European network.

The webinar started with an introduction to CONTEXT, by its Action Vice Chair, Dr. Bruno Mougin followed with an introduction of TECHTERA, by its project manager Dr. Stephane Bone.

The main part of the session was dedicated to technical presentations from industrial and academic research labs:

Textile soft electronics for angle estimation of human body parts – V-Trion

PV Textile – accessorise and repurpose textile materials – Solar Cloth Systems

Smart textiles and devices for energy harvesting & storage towards self-powered technologies – LAQV-REQUIMTE

How to combine design & solar energy for smart textiles ? – ASCA

Materials and energy in textiles – Polymage