Name of the organization: Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), CSIC and The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)
Location: Campus UAB, Bellaterra E-08193, Barcelona, Spain.
Website: www.icn2.cat
Contact person:  Prof. Monica Lira-Cantu
Email: monica.lira@icn2.cat
Type of organization: Research Center

The Nanostructured Materials for Photovoltaic Energy Group   at   the   Catalan   Institute   of   Nanoscience   and   Nanotechnology, in Barcelona (Spain), focuses on the development of nanostructured materials for Thin Film Solar Cells: Dye sensitized, Organic, all-Oxide and perovskite Solar Cells. The group’s interest is also the integration of photovoltaics in flexible, transparent, battery-less, self-powered devices (e.g. smart textiles, wearables, etc.) for the IoT and printed electronics.



Posted on

28 May, 2019