Name of the organization: INOTEX
Location:  CZ 54401 Dvur Kralove n.L., Czech Republic
Contact person: Jan Marek
Type of organization:  Innovation and technology transfer company (Ltd., SME)

INOTEX Spol. s r.o. (Ltd) – small industrial research and innovation, technology transfer company specialized in textile wet processing, (multi) functional textiles development.  Focus on the sustainable resources and steps towards Circular Economy and IND 4.0. Provides dyes and textile auxiliaries distribution and services.

Implementation and transfer of customised R&D results into the practice of companies boosted by use of own small lot production facilities (speciality chemicals, low batch finishing/coating of textiles, colouristic service, accredited testing lab). New (bio)chemistry and processing of added value functional textiles simultaneously focus on the sustainable development of cleaner production, new waste-less (bio)treatments of natural renewable resources and extensional research of new smart materials based on textile. Experienced in coordination of national/international project teams.

Participate in ETP FTC, RegioTEX and TEXTRANET activities. Member of ATOK CZ, CTPT (Czech textile technology platform). CLUTEX – Cluster technical textiles (CZ).


Posted on

14 May, 2019