Name of the organization: Politecnico di Milano – Dept. Architecture Built Environment Construction Engineering ABC – Textile Architectural Network TAN
Location: Milan, Italy
Contact person: Alessandra Zanelli, Carol Monticelli, Salvatore Viscuso
Email: alessandra.zanelli@polimi.it, cerol.monticelli@polimi.it, salvatore.viscuso@polimi.it
Type of organization: University

Expertise: Textile Architecture Network is part of TEXTILESHUB – The multidisciplinary research laboratory of Politecnico di Milano, established with the aim of sharing  knowledge and equipment, as well as improving  application of textiles and other lightweight materials  in the building sector, with a vision to improve the built environment  through innovative application of flexible and lightweight materials, users’ comfort, experience, building quality and sustainability. We are Regional Representative of TensiNet, the European association for all parties interested in tensioned membrane construction and members of International Association of Spatial Structures (IASS).


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28 May, 2019