V-Trion GmbH Textile Research

Name of the organization: V-Trion GmbH Textile Research
Location: Hohenems, Austria
Website: www.v-trion.at
Contact person: Dr. Gaffar Hossain
Email: g.hossain@v-trion.at
Type of organization: Research Institute


V-trion GmbH is one of the non-profit research institution offering new and innovative technologies to add value on textile for advance material application. It is a sponsor organization of smart-textile platform in Austria (www.smart-textiles.com). V-Trion’s well-equipped laboratory with technical embroidery and TFP technologies are keeping up building state of art on technical, smart- and intelligent textile for space, Avion, transportation, construction, sports, healthcare etc. applications.


Posted on

25 September, 2019