Healthcare and medical textiles is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the technical textiles market. Application of textiles in this field covers: hospital equipment and garments; hygienic-sanitary products; surgery and orthopedic products.


The challenges of textile materials in the healthcare & medical sectors

For the medical and healthcare sector the main driver for innovation remains the added value in terms of better functionality and performance, but also total cost, compared to established approaches, the continuous integration of new technologies in the development of new products while adapting to new challenges placed by the ageing society ((for integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) tools that enable remote monitoring of patients)), the enhancement of barrier and comfort properties for professional medical garments and the success of textile fabrics/structures to be used in human tissue and organs repair.


Leader:  Dr. Yesim Oguz

Coleader: Dr. Aleksandra Ivanoska-Dacikj

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