Healthcare and medical textiles is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the technical textiles market. Application of textiles in this field covers: hospital equipment and garments; hygienic-sanitary products; surgery and orthopedic products.

Textile materials in this category market have the following main functions:

  • Protect workers against dangerous elements, materials or processes that may occur during their working hours.
  • Protect the products, the workplace or the environment.
  • Protect people from other people in security/defence situations.


It includes protection against cold, chemical agents, electrical shocks, heat and flames, mechanical actions, nuclear hazard, electromagnetic-radiation, X-rays, dust, falls or sharping elements.


The challenges of textile materials in the personal protective equipment (PPE) sector

Comfort optimisation and weight reduction while maintaining or even improving protective function remains the main driver of innovation, with more emphasis being currently placed on design and new methods of integration of ICT wearable /e-textile solutions that allow the construction of comfortable and user-friendly wearable ICT systems. The main goal of these wearable ICT systems is bio-monitoring the user, assessing the integrity of the PPE and also monitoring hazardous conditions in which the PPE is used.


Leader: Dr. Myriam Vanneste

Coleader: Dr. Daniela Zavec

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