Building textile materials include fibers that are mixed with concrete, fiberglass reinforcement meshes, insulators, etc. Textile architecture covers permanent tensile structures based on polyester or glass fiber fabrics, with a PVC or PTFE coating and awnings generally supported by polyester or polyolefin fabrics, with or without coating, especially for gardening.


The challenges of textile materials in the building and living sectors

In the building and living sectors, one of the main concepts that is being explored is the zero- energy building, based in the improvement of materials used, construction methods and architectural design. In this scope the use of textile based materials, such as composite structures, that can contribute to both the reduction of the amount of raw materials that is used and the energy consumption reduction can be seen as a determinant factor in order to achieve this goal.


Leader:  Dr. Enrico Venturini

Coleader: Dr. Georgios Priniotakis

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